This program is available to all homeowners who need assistance with the foreclosure process. Become educated on how to make important decisions for your family and household.

Foreclosure Education and Counseling is available in select counties to assist homeowners with understanding the process of foreclosure, the information a homeowner must have available to assess their situation and how to work with a lender to obtain a possible loan modification. MSU Extension believes an educated consumer will be more confident in making the important decisions about foreclosure.  

For more information contact an MSU Extension financial and homeownership educator in your area.


Step Forward Michigan Hardest Hit Funds:

You may qualify for assistance with you delinquent mortgage and or property taxes.  Please view the short video below for more information and guidance in applying for the Help for Hardest Hit funds.  For more information or any questions, contact an educator in your area

Help with Step Forward Michigan

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