Michigan Greenhouse Growers Expo

in coordination with

The Great Lakes Fruit, Vegetable and Farm Market Expo

December 8-10, 2020
This year, the conference will be held virtually.

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Greenhouse Education Sessions at a Glance

Tuesday, Dec. 8





Enhancing Profitability of Spring Crops by Reducing Inputs and Shifting Labor

 Royal Heins, MSU professor emeritus

Moderator: Erik Runkle, MSU

Sponsored by Michigan Plant Growers Co-op

Greenhouse and Controlled Environment Hemp Production

Allison Justice, The Hemp Mine

Moderator: Roberto Lopez, MSU

 Sponsored by Hawthorne Gardening Company

The MSU Extension COVID-19 Hazard Assessment and Mitigation Plan (MSUE CHAMP) e-Tool

Melissa Millerick-May, MSU

 Moderator: Jeremy Jubenville, MSUE

Sponsored by Michigan Farm Bureau

Optimizing sticking of cuttings

 Paul Fisher, Univ. of Florida

 Moderator: Erik Runkle, MSU

Controlling Insects and Diseases in Retail Greenhouses

 Rick Yates, GGSPro Technical Services

 Moderator: Roberto Lopez, MSU

Sponsored by OHP, Inc.

New Greenhouse Disease Management Recommendations

 Mary Hausbeck, MSU

 Moderator: Irene Donne, MSUE

Sponsored by NuFarm

PGRs for Spring Crops

Rick Yates, GGSPro Technical Services

Moderator: Erik Runkle, MSU

Sponsored by Syngenta Professional Solutions

Latest and Greatest from MSU Floriculture Researchers

 Nikki Lukasko, MSU; Roberto Lopez, MSU; Annika Kohler, MSU; and Debalina Saha, MSU

 Moderator: Roberto Lopez, MSU

 Sponsored by Syngenta Flowers

Wednesday, Dec. 9



Keep the Plant Demand Growing

 Bridget Behe, MSU

Moderator: Jeremy Jubenville, MSUE

Sponsored by Proven Winners

New and Novel Varieties

 Mike Fernandez, Danziger; Nathan Sell, Dummen-Orange; Jerry Gorchels, PanAmerican Seed; Kevin Hurd, Proven Winners; and Jennifer Barnes, Syngenta Flowers

 Moderators: Brian Weesies, Mast Young Plants and Debalina Saha, MSU

Growing with LEDs in the Greenhouse: An Industry Prospective
(ends at 10:30)

Tam Serrage, Revolution Farms; Drew Koschmann, Walters Gardens; Wayne Blades, Wenke Greenhouse; and Tom Gallager, Consumers Energy

 Moderators: Roberto Lopez and Erik Runkle, MSU

Sponsored by Signify





Factors that Influence the Success of a Biological Control Program

  Ray Cloyd, Kansas State Univ.

Moderator: Jeremy Jubenville, MSUE

Sponsored by Plant Products

Common Problems Encountered When Implementing a Biological Control Program

 Ray Cloyd, Kansas State Univ.

Moderator: Jeremy Jubenville, MSUE

Sponsored by Koppert Biological Systems

Lessons from the Field: Better Practices for Remote Sales

 Mike Ouding, Kalamazoo Specialty Plants; Dirk Jonker, Jonker's Garden; and Bridget Behe, MSU

 Moderator: Bridget Behe, MSU

Best Performing Annuals and Perennials in Michigan

 Josh Miller, Four Star Greenhouses; Greg Michalak, Raker-Roberta’s; Daedre McGrath, MSU Trial Garden; Laura Robles, Walters Gardens; and Brian Weesies, Mast Young Plants

 Moderator: Roberto Lopez, MSU

 Sponsored by Michigan Greenhouse Growers Council

Thursday, Dec. 10




Do High Tunnels Make the Cut for Specialty Cut Flowers: Top crops, Production and Handling Pointers

Roberto Lopez, MSU

 Moderator: Jeremy Jubenville, MSUE

 Sponsored by BloomStudios

Shrubs as Cut Flowers: Simple, Versatile, Profitable

Stacey Hirvela, Spring Meadow Nursery

Moderator: Jeremy Jubenville, MSUE

Bootstrapping a New Cut Flower Farm with the Time, Space, and Money You Have

Dave Dowling, Ednie Flower Bulb

 Moderator: Jeremy Jubenville, MSUE