Pippin's Pantry: DIY Dog-Safe Treats March 17 - May 26

March 17, 2021 - May 26, 2021


Contact: For information contact Ali Olson at olsonal8@msu.edu or 231-882-0027.

This program is designed for ages 5 to 12, however ALL ages are welcome to sign-up. This is a state-wide offered program and owning a dog is not a requirement! Pippin encourages puppy-less homes, who love baking, to consider reaching out to their MSU Extension Office locally to coordinate a donation drop-off center so the treats can be given to a local animal shelter, so puppies waiting for homes can have tasty treats.


March 17 - Happy St. Pippin’s Day!

We’ll explore the history of St. Patrick’s Day, the dog breeds that originated from the Emerald Isle and if they have any predisposition to certain health issues and how that can affect what human foods they can be fed! His Holiness, St. Pippin will share his Chicken & Parsley biscuits with weary pilgrims.

March 31 - Happy Easter!

Chocolate eggs, brunch, and lilies, oh MY! An in-depth discussion about the threats lurking behind the festive bunny. Pippin will root him out of his hole and offer you a tasty Peanut Butter and Banana snack instead.

April 14 - Spring Fling

Spring is coming in Northern Michigan! Momma is starting the garden plants for the year and Pippin demands tribute. We will explore common garden plants that are safe for most pups, and talk about how to keep your dog safe from what is not. Tribute will be paid in the form of Apple Carrot biscuits.

April 28 - Derby Day!

It’s the lead up to Momma’s favorite five weeks! The historic Kentucky Derby is coming up! While Momma picks a horse and her best hat for the Run for the Roses, Pippin will share his take on the puppy safe Derby classic, Frozen Mint and Yogurt, and we’ll explore how to keep your dog safe on and off the farm.

May 12 - Happy Birthday Pippin!

It’s the star of the show’s birthday!!! Tea and cake will be had to celebrate and you are all invited to share in the party and doggie-safe tea and cake!

May 26 - Memorial Day

A day of remembrance for those who gave the most. In the final class of this session, we will explore the impact of working canines and their service in Michigan and across the Nation. We will also explore what can and cannot be given to our pups from the barbeque and how to safely protect them from fireworks. Rewards: Chicken Jerky!


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