Hippology Academy

February 8, 2021 - March 19, 2021

Contact: Taylor Fabus at tenlenta@msu.edu

Hippology Academy 2021 will begin on February 8!  This online course for youth & adults will help prepare you for a hippology contest, or just provide any interested horse owner with useful information. Practice tests, slides, digital stations, & twice weekly lectures in 6 content areas. Participants can interact with equine professors from Universities across the United States!

These all-new topics covered will be:

  • Equipment and Riding Styles
  • Stallion Reproductive Anatomy
  • External Parasites
  • Pasture Management
  • Donkeys
  • Equine Breeds
This course is targeted for older youth and adults.
Bronze Level = $50. Access to content until August 8.
Silver Level = $100. Includes 6-week access to instructors to ask questions, and access to content until November 8.


Tags: 4-h animal science, 4-h horses & ponies, agriculture, animal science, equine, hippology, horses