Gardening Basics - Conditions

April 15, 2021 6:00PM - 8:00PM


Contact: Lori Imboden,, (248) 518-0659

A four-part image including seeds, blooming flowers, tomatoes, and colorful peppers.
Photo credit: Lori Imboden, MSU Extension

Join MSU Extension staff as we explore basic concepts in gardening and introduce you to beginner-friendly plants. Each class covers topics that will help understand your garden site and make informed choices on plants and plant care. We will share expertise and resources to help you start smart!

Register for individual classes for $15 or the entire series of four classes for $40. For scholarship information, please contact, Lori Imboden ( Classes will be delivered online via Zoom from 6:00-8:00 PM.

April 15 - Conditions
Learn about the factors that will help you put the right plant in the right place and set up your garden for success. Dr. Lori Imboden will discuss how soil type, water and sun availability affect your plant choices.

April 22 - Flower gardening
Flowering plants bring joy, color, and pollinators to your garden.  Barslund Judd will share his passion for flowers and introduce plant selections that will get you in touch with your green thumb.

April 29 - Vegetable gardening
Nothing is more rewarding in the garden than growing things you can eat. Join Dr. Lori Imboden and Barslund Judd as they share tips for getting started with vegetable gardening and beginner-friendly plants to build your confidence along with your garden.

May 6 - Preventing problems
Disease and pest problems in the garden are an unwelcome sight. Utilizing smart gardening practices in the garden can help you prevent problems and make responsible decisions for plant health. Dr. David Lowenstein will cover common garden problems and strategies for managing them.

Recordings of each session will be available to registrants for 4 weeks after the end of the series.


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