Careers in Entomology

Entomologists are scientists who use their knowledge of insects and related arthropods to solve diverse global challenges related to sustainability, pest management, invasive species, public health, medicine, conservation, climate change and more!

Career Paths

Careers in entomology are broadly diverse and include:

  • Agricultural advisor for a private company or Cooperative Extension.
  • University researcher in basic science to applied insect management.
  • Government regulatory personnel in agencies like the US Department of Agriculture, US Geological Survey, Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy.
  • Pest control expert in urban or agricultural settings.
  • Military personnel protecting troops from vector-borne diseases.
  • Policy and regulation coordinator in state and federal agencies.
  • Teaching and outreach educator in university extensions, museums and zoos.
  • Conservationist in a non-governmental organization like Xerces Society and the Nature Conservancy.

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