The MSU Dairy Store is open for curbside pickup at its Anthony Hall location. Enjoy your favorite Dairy Store cheeses at home!

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Our cheeses are thoughtfully crafted with premium milk from MSU cows. 

If you are interested in purchasing cheese for a corporate event, please email at for more details.

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    Choose from many of our Spartan cheese gift boxes to make any occasion complete!

  • Aged Gouda Cheese


    An award-winning, washed curd, cave ripened cheese crafted in traditional Dutch fashion. This cheese is made with milk from Kellogg Biological Station

  • Beaumont Cheese


    Our Beaumont cheese has a strong nutty flavor with a slightly crumbly texture.

  • Caerphilly Cheese


    Our Caerphilly cheese has a bright, lemon-like character that compliments its firm, slightly crumbly body.

  • Cheddar Cheese


    Our cheddar cheese is mild with a firm texture, rich creaminess and savory tang.

  • Cheese Curds


    Michigan State Cheese Curds are created in the process of making our delicious Cheddar cheese. A cheese curd is simply an un-aged piece of cheese in its natural form.

  • Chocolate Cheese Confection


    This fudge-like treat blends our finest cheeses with sugar and cocoa powder.

  • Colby Jack Cheese


    Our version of colby jack has the same familiar flavor you’ve come to expect from this American favorite: mild with a pleasantly pliable body and a clean, buttery finish.

  • Dagano Cheese


    An MSU creation, Dagano is a brined, semi-soft cheese with a smooth, elastic body and mild flavor.

  • Grass-Fed Cheddar


    Our Grass-Fed Cheddar takes the same time-honored methods of production as traditional Cheddar, but uses milk from Kellogg Biological Station. KBS is a pasture-based dairy operation. We utilize this milk when the cows are entirely on pasture.

  • Pepper Jack Cheese


    Mild, semi-soft Monterey Jack cheese with jalapeño peppers for an extra kick.

  • Sharp Cheddar Cheese


    Aged longer than our standard cheddar, our sharp cheddar cheese has a strong, full flavor, firm texture and rich creaminess.

  • Smoked Cheddar Cheese


    The same full-bodied, buttery flavor and savory tang of our signature sharp cheddar, but with a pleasing compliment of hickory smoke.

  • Smoked Gouda


    Before our Smoked Gouda is enrobed with rich hickory goodness, it begins like all of our cheese: As fresh milk from MSU's own dairy herd.

  • Summer sausage

    $5.00/0.5 lb

    Enjoy summer sausage from the MSU Meat Lab with your favorite Dairy Store cheeses.

MSU Dairy Store cheese: How it's made