My Horse University Horse Nutrition


In this course you will learn about many aspects of horse nutrition, including anatomy, horse behavior, nutrients, nutritional requirements, feedstuffs, evaluating and balancing a ration, diseases affecting nutrition, and feeding management.

More specifically, you will learn about:

  • The digestive anatomy of a horse and how it functions

  • Ingestive behaviors of a horse, including grazing, feed intake and herd interactions

  • How the major nutrients are digested, absorbed and used by equine

  • Evaluating the nutritional status of your horse

  • Nutritional requirements for broodmares, growing horses, equine athletes and geriatric horses

  • Feedstuffs, including forage, grains and supplements

  • How to develop and evaluate a feed ration 

  • How diseases can affect the nutritional requirements of a horse

  • Feeding management strategies