Government Fiscal Sustainability Workgroup

Virtual Spring Meeting: April 3, 2020

Understanding the State and Local Government Response to Covid-19 Pandemic

Annual Meeting: October 21-22, 2019

Tennessee Oversight of Local Governments 

North Carolina Local Government Unit Assistance List

Monitoring and Oversight of Municipal Fiscal Health in Connecticut

New Mexico's Budget & Finance Oversight: Partnering for Local Government Success

Massachusetts Early Intervention 

Annual Meeting: October 21-23, 2018

Early warning system: 
Sustainable Government: Financial Distress in Pennsylvania 

Pennsylvania DCED: Early Warning System

New York Fiscal Stress Monitoring System

Financial Health Indicators in Ohio 

Ohio Fiscal Caution, Watch and Emergency

Michigan's Fiscal Indicator System, Early Warning and Prevention

Colorado's Fiscal Stability Initiative   

Fiscal Indicator System in Washington State 

Utah Financial Health Indicators


Improvements in Long-Term Liability Mgmt.- Rhode Island

The Connecticut Pension Sustainability Commission and the Legacy Obligation Trust

Pew Charitable Trusts: Risk Reporting for Public Pensions: A Starting Point

2018 Government Fiscal Sustainability Workgroup Report

Annual Meeting: September 28, 2017

Fiscal Sustainability: A Framework and the Detroit Example 

APA: Identifying and Monitoring VA Locality Fiscal Distress

New York State's Fiscal Stress Monitoring System 

Standardized Financial Reports and Financial Health KPIs for City Governments in Europe

Webinar Series:

COVID-19 Guidance for Local Governments

Presented by:Tennessee office of the Comptroller and Eric Scorsone, MSU

Covid-19 Stress Test on EU City Governments

Presented by:Emanuele Padovani , University of Bologna, Italy 

Fiscal Sustainability: A Framework and the Detroit Example

Presented by: Eric Scorscone, Michigan State University 

Sustainable Government: Financial Distress in Pennsylvania

Presented by: Marita Kelley, Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development 

1987 Act 47

Auditor of Public Accounts Local Fiscal Distress Monitoring 

 Presented by: Martha Mavredes, Laurie Hicks and Rachel Reamy, APA Virginia 

 Recorded presentation