Breakfast on the Farm gives consumers and farm neighbors a first-hand look at modern food production, and the farm families who work hard to produce safe, wholesome food.

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2021 Program Update

Thanks for your continued interested in Breakfast on the Farm. When MSU Extension started this program in 2009, we never dreamed that we’d help farmers welcome nearly 90,000 consumers to their farms! Because of the continued need for social distancing in light of the coronavirus pandemic, we are not hosting a Breakfast on the Farm in 2021. Though we won’t be hosting a Breakfast on the Farm, we encourage you to keep following us on Facebook as we share information with you about agriculture and farming in Michigan.


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Since 2009, nearly 90,000 children and adults have attended Breakfast on the Farm events throughout Michigan to learn about where food comes from.

Michigan State University Extension brought the inaugural “Breakfast on the Farm” event to Dutch Meadows Dairy, a family-owned dairy farm owned by the Tony and Patti Jandernoa family near the mid-Michigan town of St. Johns, on June 20, 2009. Following the success of the initial event, interest in replicating Breakfast on the Farm led to the formation of several annual events across Michigan.