Agronomic Management Strategies for Productive and Profitable Cropping Systems

In order to maximize productivity and profitability of cropping systems, it is essential to identify local agronomic constraints and understand the interactions of crops, soils, and the environment (G x E x M interactions). The overall goal of this research project is to understand how various agronomic management practices influence crop productivity and profitability in the context of modern farming practices, climatic patterns, and economic conditions.


Check out our current and past research projects below. Materials presented at scientific meetings can be found in the presented research tab to the right. 


Current Research

Project title: Maximizing yield potential in winter wheat through precision planting and agronomic management

Graduate Student: Kalvin Canfield

Proper placement and population of seeds in seedbed is one of the important aspect of productive and profitable crop production. Nearly all of the wheat in Michigan and other Midwestern states is planted with a conventional style “spill type” drill with very low precision. Non-uniform seeding depth can result in poor germination and crown root development, reduced tillering, increased disease incidence, and susceptibility to winter injury. This project is focused at improving planting techniques in wheat. Specific objectives are:

  • Determine the optimum row spacing and population in wheat planted with precision planter (PP).
  • Compare seed placement accuracy in terms of seeding depth and seed-to-seed spacing of a conventional drill to available PP technology.
  • Quantify the response of wheat varieties with differing growth habits to seeding densities.


Project title: Michigan Corn Performance Trials

Testing company entered hybrids in the Michigan Corn Performance Trials for an annual unbiased publication (E-431) on quality and harvest potential.


Past Research

Project title: Identifying Optimal Management Decisions Based on Soybean Planting Date; Seeding Rate, Seed Treatment, and Maturity Group Selection

Graduate Student: Tom Siler

Project title: Role of population density in determining seed quality and yield of food-grade soybean varieties.

Graduate Student: Tom Siler

Project title: Integrated mycotoxin management in corn grain through control of ear rots and western bean cutworm.

Graduate Student: Katlin Fusilier