Conservation District Produce Safety Technicians

Michigan is the only state with a Produce Safety Technician program dedicated to providing on-farm technical education for produce farmers. There are currently six Produce Safety Technicians throughout the state, including five Technicians in the Lower Peninsula and one Technician in the Upper Peninsula. Each technician covers a dedicated service area, and are also available outside of their regions as requested.

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Technicians are a free, voluntary, confidential, non-regulatory resource. They have a unique role in delivering direct technical education and assistance to produce farms in their regions through multiple tools: , , , produce safety technical assistance, site visits, resource development and delivery, and more.

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Meet the Technicians

Click on their name to read their full bio and find a link to their produce safety page. If you would rather have your local technician contact you,

Marquette County Conservation District

Genesee Conservation District
(810) 820-2681

Contact information coming soon

Manistee Conservation District

Newaygo Conservation District
(231) 225-3072

Blue Water Conservation District
(810) 984-3865 ext. 5

Berrien County Conservation District

Michigan On-Farm Produce Safety Team

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There are multiple organizations that have partnered to deliver important information, guidance and assistance as it pertains to the Food Safety Modernization Act. The Michigan On-Farm Produce Safety (MOPS) program is broken down into these three areas/organizations:

Michigan Association of Conservation Districts, Produce Safety Technicians (non-regulatory)

  • Technical education and assistance
  • Assessments and action plans
  • Produce Safety Risk Assessments
  • On-farm Produce Safety plans
  • OFRRs and PSAs

Michigan State University Extension, Agrifood Safety Team (non-regulatory)

  • Education
  • OFRRs and PSAs

Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Food Safety Modernization Act Unit and Produce Safety Rule Inspectors (regulatory)

  • Produce Safety Rule Inspections

The infographic below explains how growers can utilize these services available to them.

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