Digital Badges

Digital badges are a powerful new tool that provide electronic acknowledgement of one’s skills, accomplishments and achievements. Badges are earned by showing evidence of one’s learning in both formal and informal settings, and can help transform where and how learning is valued. Earned badges are stored and managed online in the form of a digital backpack, where they can be shared virtually with others to demonstrate one’s expertise, skills or accomplished goals.

One of the values of a digital badge is that anyone can click on the badge and learn who issued the badge, the specifics of what had to be done to earn the badge and a description of what was learned or accomplished. Those viewing the badge can also utilize hyperlinks to learn more about the sponsoring organization and the badge itself. Michigan State University (MSU) and MSU Extension have chosen the Mozilla OpenBadges project for online storage of earned badges. 

As an exciting addition to the 2015 Renewable Energy Camp (REC), Michigan 4-H will be offering youth the opportunity to earn several digital badges. For additional details on digital badges you can earn as a participant in Renewable Energy Camp, view the badge information below.

               4-H REC Badge                                 4-H Bioenergy Badge         

       4-H REC Badge               4-H Bioenergy Badge


                4-H Solar Energy Badge                                  4-H Wind Energy Badge

 4-H Solar Energy Badge     4-H Wind Energy Badge