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Tuesday 1-2pm 

How to Conquer the Hollywood-Nado: Screenwriting & Casting Secrets from a Sharknado Writer

Do you dream of a career in Hollywood? Are you interested in screen writing or acting? A former 4-Her, Scotty Mullen is an award-winning writer known for his work with Syfy, Lionsgate, and Lifetime. He is also an accomplished casting director. Join us for a session with Scotty to learn; how he got his start in Hollywood, about his involvement with the Sharknado franchise, and what you can do to help make your dreams of working in the film industry come true! Time will be scheduled to answer your questions on how you too, can make it in Hollywood!


Resumes that Rock 

Resumes that Rock will teach the do's and don'ts of creating a resume, review resume formats and help you  brainstorm what to include on your resume. This session is for youth age 16 and up.


DIY Smoothies!

Learn how to make your own delicious and nutritious smoothies! During this session, we'll brainstorm what can go into a smoothie and learn about vitamins and antioxidants you can get from smoothies!  If possible, we will make a smoothie together. To create a smoothie you will want to have a blender or food processor and items such as milk, frozen fruits such as mixed berries, strawberries, banana, spinach, oats, nuts, chocolate chips or chia seeds. You are welcome to make substitutions or additions. A more detailed sample recipe will be e-mailed before the event.


Line Dancing

Learn how to line dance through classic and modern line dances. No experience needed and all abilities are welcome.


Staying In Your Lane: Maximizing Opportunities 

Through stories and shared golden nuggets of personal wisdom, we will reflect on the importance of cultivating “self” and how self-development can have a direct effect on the community. Learn more about presenter Tim and his work at: 


Who will discover our Future: World-Class Nuclear Science at MSU 

Explore a world-class rare isotope laboratory where nuclei are smashed into a target at half the speed of light! This 60-minute live presentation lets you explore the research spaces inside MSU’s Facility for Rare Isotope Beams using photospheres. Our “virtual tour” takes you to many locations that would normally be inaccessible.

Create your Own Stop Motion Animation

Come join this session to learn how you can make your own stop motion animation using a phone or tablet. To make your own stop motion animation, you’ll need a phone or tablet with an installed stop motion animation software/app.  More information will be e-mailed out prior to the event. This session will be using Stop Motion Studio app - free version: and there is a download for both iOS or Android. Please download Stop Motion Studio on your phone or tablet before joining the session. Stop Motion Studio-


Careers with Drones  

Have you ever wondered about how you could have a career flying drones? These incredible machines have amazing applications from agriculture, renewable energy, movie making, and other industries.  Attend this session to find out more!


Brazilian "Festas Juninas" - Music and Dance of the Summer Solstice 

Attend this session to learn about the "June Festivals" of northeastern Brazil, the most famous of which is for the feast day of St. John the Baptist celebrated on June 24. We will hear some of the music styles traditionally associated with this holiday and have the opportunity to learn the Portuguese lyrics to sing in the "forro pé de serra" style. And who knows, there might even be dancing!


Mountain Biking Tips and Tricks
Learn about bike safety and planning ahead for a trail ride. Gain skills in basic bike maintenance and what tools you’ll want with you.  Learn about the common mistakes beginners make, types of trails, and watch some awesome GoPro videos from around the state. 


Michigan/Midwest and China: the differences and similarities of the culture, people and lifestyle  

Xiaoyu (Skyin) Yin came to Michigan from China at the age of 22 to study at MSU and had her first Fortune Cookie ever. Later, she experienced more surprises in her life in Michigan, fell in love with this beautiful state and formed her own family in Lansing. For a different perspective, Jennifer was born and raised in the Midwest and moved to Michigan in 2011 after living in China and S. Korea for 4 years.  Join Skyin and Jennifer for an hour of story sharing about the differences and similarities between China and Michigan/Midwest in the culture, people, and lifestyle, based on personal experiences and reflections.


Star Wars Hour of Code 

Without coding, computers would literally do nothing.  This session will include an introduction to computer coding through the characters of Star Wars.


Sticks and String: Knitting for Newbies 

In our hour together, we will learn the very basics of knitting so you can create your own coaster. The concepts learned can be scaled up for you to make dishcloths or even baby blankets in the future. To participate fully, you will need a pair of short, size 10, 10.5 or 11 standard knitting needles and preferably 100% cotton dishcloth yarn or other medium-thick yarn.


Intro to Animal Ethics 

Many youth in 4-H own animals and with that comes a lot of ethical considerations. This session will talk through what ethics is and why animal owners need to think about ethics. We'll practice civil discourse when there are disagreements and talk through animal ethics case studies.


Public Speaking Made Easy 

Learn tips to make speaking in public easier and not so scary. Participants will create their introduction and try out their new skills!


Relationships: You, Me and Us
Join us in watching “Amor del bueno,” a riveting and relatable 15 minute film that portrays a high school aged Latinx couple going through the ups and downs of a relationship. After watching, we will explore the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors, how to support friends or family members in relationships, how to set boundaries, and how we can best respond to rejection.


The Art of Time Management 

"Time is money," Ben Franklin once said. Explore how you organize and spend your time. Learn tips to reduce stress, identify time-wasters, and develop plans to best manage your time.


Telling your story: What oral histories teach us about language 

In this session you will experience an introduction to narratives, find out what makes a good question prompt, and learn how sociolinguists use narratives to learn things about language. You will have a hands-on chance to put your new knowledge into practice, by creating and answering your own oral history prompts!


The Power of Community Planning & Design
Community planning and design plays an important role in how people live, work, go to school and socialize every day.  Are you interested in the ways communities are designed and how plans and designs reflect the needs of residents of all ages and abilities?  In this session, you will learn what it means to be a community planner and you will design an outdoor public plaza that reflects your ideal community and who you are as a person. This session is 100% online and very interactive!  Limited session space due to interactive planning process.

Training your dog to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test 

This session will provide a basic introduction to the Canine Good Citizen Test. We will cover the basics of dog behavior modification (training) methods. Session instructor Sara will walk through each of the steps of the Canine Good Citizen Test using her dogs as examples. Leave with knowledge you can use to master the ten basic skills with your dog. 

Wednesday 10:30-11:30 

Interviews for Success

Interviews for Success covers tips and do's and don'ts of interviewing including what to wear and how to prepare. Be ready for your next interview! This session is intended for youth age 14 and up.

100% Cocoa 

Did you know it takes 400 cacao beans to make 1 pound of chocolate? Join us to discover how chocolate is made and what cacao farmers must endure to create this tasty treat. Learn more about chocolate and appreciate it in a new way!

Assignment: Audubon (Birding Adventures)

Get ready for this birding adventure! We'll learn how to find, identify, feed and house our Michigan birds. We'll explore 10 Michigan birding hotspots - trails, sanctuaries, and observatories - while discovering new ways to attract birds to our own backyards. We will also share resources for joining local birding clubs or forming your own. The sky's the limit!


In the Kitchen: Ultimate Grilled Cheese 

Come learn how to not only make the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich but a healthier alternative. We're going to do some work in the kitchen and make a delicious treat in the process.


Frontiers in Swine Production 

Investigate emerging issues facing U.S. pork small farms and show industry, such as foreign animal diseases, viral disease control in pigs, using technology and other management practices. This session is intended for youth ages 14 and up.


China: Traditional Festivals, Food, and Fun
Do you want to learn more about China?  Come join us as we play games and discuss traditional Chinese festivals and the food people eat in different regions of China.

Minecraft Hour of Code 

Over the past several years, coding has progressed from a hobby to a critical career skill. In this session, learn about computer coding through the world of Minecraft! You do not need access to the Minecraft game. 


Sticks and String: Intermediate Knitting 

Have you mastered knitting, purling, and yarn-overs? Have you mastered straight needles and now want to knit in the round? Join this session to take your knitting to the next level with a discussion about different needles, finding patterns, picking yarns, decoding new stitches, and making adjustments to gauge for sizing. If you have a current project or future idea, bring it to this session.  This will be a relaxed time to replicate sitting around at a knitting retreat, talking with others who love the same hobby and learning from each other.


From Snowshoe to Scuba: A Look at the History of Outdoor Recreation in the Lake Superior Region
Fresh-air tourists in the late 1800s knew that the Lake Superior region was a recreationist's playground. The cultural history of the Lake Superior region is reflected in the multiple forms of recreation attempted, sustained, and improved here throughout the last two hundred years. Learning skills from the Native Americans who were the first stewards of our lake, settlers took on snow shoeing and canoeing for travel initially, then continued it as sport. Using historic photos and first hand oral history interviews, we will explore the beginnings of biking, skiing, rock and ice climbing, paddling, and, yes, snowshoeing and scuba. 

Food Trends, Kitchen Skills and Delicious Dairy Recipes 

We all want to be our strongest, best selves and when it comes down to it, a positive mindset and a healthy diet makes for a happy YOU! Join us for this fun and engaging workshop to learn kitchen skills and put your knowledge to work with delicious yet easy-to-make recipes. We will also share how dairy foods are safely produced, the safe and sustainable steps that dairy products take to get to our kitchen and how we can enjoy the foods in fun and unique ways.


Yoga Basics to Reduce Anxiety 

Instruction on breath work, basic yoga postures and mindfulness will be shared. You will leave with some basic tools to cope with daily anxieties and stresses.


Law School and After- What’s the Big Deal? 

Learn more about law school, what legal and non-legal career possibilities exist, and the impacts you can make on your community through your legal education.

Plugging into different abilities
Learn about how to help your school, friend or peer group, or 4-H club be more inclusive of youth with disabilities by hearing from youth who are helping achieve this goal around the state. You’ll gain information about mentoring, recruiting youth and adults, and leave with the ability to create an action plan to support programs in your community for youth with disabilities. 

Finding Fun In Your Family Tree 

Ever wonder about your ancestors?  Learn how to explore your family history using fun and free online tools. 


Intro to Meat Judging
We will go over the basic concepts of meat evaluation and grading for beef, pork, and lamb. You will have the opportunity to practice your skills in estimating both yields and quality grades. There will be 2-3 classes from carcass evaluations (beef, lamb, pork), loins, ribs or hams all done on a digital format. We will discuss each class as a group to cover the important aspects of meat evaluations.


What's the Buzz about Bees 

Learn the difference between honey bees and native bees and how you can support both in your backyard and community.


I'm just a "Farm" Bill: Agriculture & Food Policy in the Federal Government 

Learn about the dynamic Federal legislative process through the real world example of a Farm Bill -- the largest and most influential piece of farm and food policy in the U.S. You'll understand the three branches of the Federal government and how a bill becomes a law from a whole new perspective.


Crazy for Crepes

Crêpes are thin pancakes served as either snacks or meals, which are popular throughout the French-speaking world. In this session we will learn how to make crepes and learn a little French culture, history and language along the way. All recipes will be included so you can try making these delicious Gallic goodies at home.


Becoming a Veterinarian

Is becoming a veterinarian a consideration for your future? Come learn more about what it is like to attend vet school and find out steps to get yourself ready for this career path.

What’s stress got to do with it?: The science of trauma and brain development
Through hands-on examples, you will learn how stress and trauma can affect a developing brain.  This session will help you build empathy for those impacted by trauma and enhance your personal strength to support your own growth.  You will learn trauma informed techniques that can be incorporated into your interactions at home, school, and in the community.


Thursday 10:30-11:30 

Be a Disease Detective

In this session, we will learn about diseases that can spread between people and animals. Join us as we learn about the tools that scientists use to detect and prevent the next pandemic

Resume Critique 101
Are you 16 and older and have a resume but know it can be better?  Attend this session where you will submit your draft resume ahead of time and receive both educator and possible peer critique during the session to help you make improvements to your resume. Overall tips and suggestions will be provided to all who attend. This session is intended for youth ages 16 and up.  Limited numbers due to interactive review process.


Migratory Birds, Poo and You! 

Join the Michigan State Bird Observatory (MSBO) to learn about migratory birds, migratory stop-over sites, the research of the MSBO and how you can contribute to community science!


Helpful Hints for Scholarships 

Are you looking for ways to pay for college, trade school, or postsecondary education after high school? Attend this session to learn about finding scholarships and preparing for the scholarship application process.


Hammocking: An Outdoor Adventure 

In this session, you will learn how to properly hang a hammock and learn hammock camping tips. We will also cover the principles of “Leave No Trace.” You will leave this session wanting to explore the great outdoors with your hammock!


Quilled Greeting Cards 

Quilling, also known as paper filigree, is the art of rolling and twisting narrow strips of paper and then shaping them to make the most exquisite designs. In this session you will make an assortment of quilled greeting card designs.


Junk Drawer Robotics 

How do you build robots from junk? You will have the opportunity to learn about the engineering design process, becoming an engineer and scientist yourself! Gather your junk materials (cardboard and box board, tape, paper clips, popsicle sticks, paper, or other materials you have on hand) and practice building a car in this fun and interactive session!


Produce Your Own Livestream Show 

Television, video, and livestream production are exciting, fast-paced, and a growing career option that offer many opportunities for learning, creativity, and fun! Learn the skills needed to create and produce your own show.


American Sign Language Basics 

American Sign Language Basics is geared toward participants who don't have much experience with ASL. Join us to learn the basics of communicating with individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing including: the alphabet, numbers 1-20, how to respectfully interact, and more!


Acting Out 

Whether your goal is to be on stage or to just be more confident in front of groups, this session can help! Share in laughs, energy and creativity while you learn skills such as projection, diction, stage directions, getting into character and more. A fun interactive way to learn great skills to excel in theater, improve and life!


Careers Working with Young Children 

You will be given an overview of the many career opportunities that exist in early childhood and will meet people currently working in these professions. Ask questions and have conversations with those in this field.


Adulting 101: Your Money 

Are you ready to manage your money? Join credit union professionals and learn about budgeting, building and using credit, paying for large purchases like vehicles and handling the cost of college. Leave with real life strategies for success! 


Sea Turtles: Ambassadors for Climate Action

No matter where you live, the ocean provides for us in many ways. Sea turtles make great ambassadors to help us protect our oceans. Join marine educator Madison Dix, for a discussion about these endangered and charismatic reptiles. The challenges they face impact not only their survival, but also alter marine habitats and affect human health. From simple actions to setting career goals, we'll brainstorm action steps to make a difference!

Principals, Politicians and Positive Change 

Do you want to improve your club, community, country, and world? Learn how to influence others and create positive change right where you are. 


Spartans Feed Michigan and the World 

Food is a BIG DEAL at Michigan State University! Not only is the food on campus amazing but MSU is also a leader in helping to feed people across Michigan and the entire world! During this session, you'll explore potential academic and career pathways by learning about some of the exciting and cutting-edge ways that MSU faculty, staff, and students are helping to feed the world!


Breaking Into Journalism: How I Made It With No Experience 

When Philip Lewis graduated college, he went back to his hometown of Detroit to teach middle school students. When that didn't work out, he had to find a new career. He was able to break into the journalism field using his love of social media. Now, Philip is a senior front page editor at one of the top digital news outlets in the world — HuffPost. In this session, you will learn about perseverance and gain tips about how to break into journalism and social media.


What Can I Do With My Dog? 

Mix breed, purebred, young or old, do you have a dog and wonder what 4-H has to offer in the dog program? We will look into the different sporting events (rally, obedience, agility, canine freestyle) as well as other activities you and your dog can get involved in together. Learn how to make some simple agility equipment at home to use in training your dog.


Integrating Creativity into Everyday Learning 

Often in public school settings, certain literacies are celebrated more than others. In this session, you will get to do some art-making and analyze the visual world around us. Whether through  advertisements, fine artists, social media posts, or film and tv show clips, learn the tenants of visual literacy and build your critical skills as you look at the imagery you see everyday in a new way.

Careers in the Medical Field: What They are and How to Get There
Interested in a medical profession? This session will provide an overview of medical careers and a brief description of what each career does. We will outline an introductory "path to the field" for each career and highlight programs in Michigan.

Why Does My Horse Do That?
Have you ever wondered why your horse acts a certain way? This interactive session will explore some common horse behaviors from rolling to cribbing and discuss why horses behave that way. If time allows, we will also discuss behavior modification for some problem behaviors (like trailer loading).